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Michelle Mikki Cardoza

Michelle Mikki Cardoza

Corcoran Icon Properties Eureka


Director of Education for Corcoran Global Living, California
Sales, Exchanges, Coaching and Consulting.

I love education, the idea of learning, and the concept that we all have choices, as well as the power to choose our journey and be whomever we want to be. Ironically, I took my licensing exam on September 11, 2001 and stepped into the real estate market at the pinnacle date of the Boom. This timing allowed me to focus on building my business with integrity, focusing on the client's needs rather than the "deal". I was doing this for fun, and found it so rewarding and fun, that I changed careers from teaching in Public school to helping my clients maneuver the path of home ownership. I see each transaction as part of the human journey for space and home, and I am there to walk that small part with those in transition. From just thinking about changing space, to discussing a plan, to making it happen, each client has very individual ideas and needs for space. I love helping my clients get to their goals while teaching and answering questions about the process along the way. I enjoy the bigger picture, the portfolio building with clients, the discussions and learning that takes place with families as they go through the process. I am greatly rewarded seeing people attain their goals, no matter how long it takes! We are here to help! As we venture outward, expanding the business, teaming up with like minded people who care about others and the importance of space, my business has grown to a much bigger vision. I have surrounded myself with others who are caring, smart, problem solvers, and creative. People who want to work together for the good of the clients' needs to get the client to his or her goals, in a spirit of learning and growing. I want to continuously grow to help more and more members of our community have a transaction experience that encompasses the whole experience of transforming space while building individual wealth in Real Estate. I practice what I do from all perspectives. I am also a small investor who understands the experience of being the buyer and seller, as well as the emotional roller coaster ride a buyer or seller may go through during the exciting process. Over the years I have helped with hundreds and hundreds of transactions, focusing on the whole Real Estate portfolio, from one's home to investment to business acquisition. Even after so many transactions, I find each and every deal an individual experience, learning and continuously improving my skills as we progress on this incredible journey of movement and space. I love what I do, and the limits seem endless for what we can do together! Corcoran Global Living is truly a dream in the making! As Ralph Waldo Emerson states so succinctly, "Make a decision, and the universe will conspire to make it happen!" Happy Home Buying and Selling!

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